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The Avalanche Brewing Company has been brewing beer amongst the mighty San Juan Mountains in Silverton, Colorado since late 2011. Our beers are the obsession of owner and brewmaster Austin Lashley. Like making the ascent to any one of the peaks that surround Silverton, there’s a lot of hard work behind pouring beer into your glass. We hope you find your first sip through the head of foam as rewarding as that first turn from the top through light fluffy powder and the empty glass as satisfying as the amazing view from the top of the peak!


White-Out Wit – 5%

My favorite summer beer. This beer is inspired by the Saison beers that Belgian farmers brewed for centuries to quench their thirst while working in the fields. Orange Peel, coriander, and paradise seed provide an interesting citrus spice. This beer is very different from any other you may have tasted and you may wonder if you’re drinking beer at all!




Treasure Mountain Pale Ale- 5.5%

This beer is my every day drinking beer. This is a single hopbeer made solely of my favorite variety of hops: Cascade, dosed heavily in the aroma and dry hop. Balanced with Biscuit, Crystal, and Munich malts give this beer a bready crisp taste with a nice citrus flavor. Drinking this beer reminds me sharing beers with good friends in the special place above Animas Forks where two cabins; the Bonnie Belle and Treasure Mountain Hut sit on the shoulder of Treasure Mountain.



Sultan IPA- 6.5%

I’ve spent quite a lot of time on hop farms during harvest in Colorado and Idaho and one of the best things about the farms is the massive quantities of perfectly ripe hops that permeate the air everywhere. I wanted this beer to taste like jumping into a bottomless pile of hops. I used six different hop varieties to create the complex hop flavor in the beer. The result is a balanced and powerful assertion of American super hops Zeus, Nugget, Chinook, and Citra, and wonderful aromatics of Cascade, and Mt. Hood. The peak of Sultan looms high above Silverton at 13,368. The hop character in this beer and just like the peak of Sultan, this beer commands some respect.


Pride of the West Porter- 5.2%

Dark Beers do not have to be heavy. This is a surprisingly drinkable dark ale with pale chocolate and dehusked carafa II. The result is not so much bitter as smooth and full of rich chocolate flavor. Perfect for the end of a long day, we have a double entendre for this beer. Its our tribute to the mining heritage of Silverton and the long hard days and brutal conditions that the hardrock miners endured in the darkness of the portal. Its also our tribute to Silverton’s favorite dive bar, the Pride of the West (or the POW) that burned down in April 2011, where we shared many a drink and good time after a long day of work or play.

Bonnie Belle Vienna Lager- 6%

A local favorite! This amber lager belongs to the Oktoberfest/Marzen family highlighting the wonderful flavor of Vienna malt and other malt. Crisp, clean, and full of malty body, I also feature a special delivery of Polish hops fresh from the motherland to and aroma to this very delicious beer. Join us for a pint!

Next On Tap: Snowmelt Dortmunder Lager- 5.5%

The brewer’s favorite! This lighter lager has a heavenly body. Crafted by Munich and Vienna malts, its much more flavorful, but still as drinkable as its pilsener cousin. Finished with Marinka and Mt. Hood hops, this beer a has a heady aroma that’s spicy, floral, with a hint of citrus. The best part is its made with real snow water!